Disruption in technology and the marketplace has become an expected and anticipated part of our existence. We have come to experience the benefits of disruption in products and services. For example, the ease of travel today by staying in a private home instead of a hotel, while navigating busy city streets with our phones through simple touch. Our minds are constantly seeking and producing disruptive ideas. The next decade will bring even more dramatic change, the likes of which has never been seen.

But the reality of life reminds us that as much as there is incredible external progress, there is a destructive evil that seems to surround us and fight within us. There is a paradox of disruptive ideas delivering progress while simultaneously destructive ideas deliver pain and depression. Internally, humanity seems to be in a whirlpool, drowning in a divisive ocean. There is a contradiction we are constantly fighting between who we are on the outside and what we experience on the inside. What people perceive due to our success or failure becomes irrelevant when compared to our mental state, which seems to be in a constant state of trying to answer the question, “Who am I?” The more we project an image to the world, the more the world interprets our successes and failures and the more we seem to struggle with our personal identity.

Is it possible that we are more than just flesh and blood? Do we have an inter-dimensional problem? Are we trying to solve the problem of another dimension only in this dimension?! Most of us know the obvious answer is that there is a supernatural dimension.

There are 5 political blocs in the world and all of them are based on the belief or unbelief in a god. So the supernatural is extremely knit into our fabric of life. We believe in a dimension beyond us. But that is what it is—mere belief. There is absolutely no connection between what we believe and what we experience. In fact today, it is the belief or unbelief in god that is the cause of the greatest of blood baths. We use, abuse, and kill in the name of religion.