Life’s best experiences always begin with believing and hoping that something exists beyond what we see. The greatest inventions in history happened because of this mindset. In many areas of life, we believe without validation. For example, how many people can honestly say they’ve tested their parents’ DNA against their own to prove their legitimacy? So why can’t we do the same in other areas? Consider, for a moment, the truth that there exists a dimension in each of us, beyond the body and body…

The answer to “Who am I?” goes beyond our bodies. We start by understanding that our identity is fundamentally spiritual, not physical.  We need to understand our design and function before we can fully experience this said “spiritual dimension.”

The way we are wired is fundamentally different from the rest of creation, thus we have problems that are vastly different from those of other species. Why are we the only creatures on the planet who fight over racial rights, geographical borders and superstitious religions? It is incredible how belief (or unbelief) in God is often the primary reason for the greatest acts of terror. While the rest of creation struggles for food and survival, we fight over skin color and places of worship. This is because we are designed with a dimension that is beyond body. 

We have an inner thirst for something more, we try to replace that deep inner thirst with things of the body. That inner dimension beyond our body is the spiritual dimension in us. This is the dimension of the God Himself. This is where human identity is found and defined. The goal of Crossruption is to guide you on a journey from unbelief to belief in the spiritual realm. To provide knowledge of this realm, thus allowing you to experience this amazing dimension beyond the mind and body.

The concept of the supernatural is not unique to Christianity. Religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism focus on various aspects of the this realm. In fact, with the exception of those that do not believe in a god, all religions recognize the supernatural dimension in one way or another. It is most often restricted, however, to a place “way out there…” To the super-religious. The super-spiritual. We cannot wrap our minds around a dimension beyond that which surrounds our physical bodies.

Enter The Cross. The key differentiator in Christianity is the cross and its ability to interweave and integrate with the three dimensions of man—spirit, mind and body. The uniqueness of Christianity is the experiential reality of God in man—Immanuel, which means “God with us.” The cross of Christ makes it possible for man to cognitively experience the dimension of God Himself and take part in the divine nature.