The state of sin replaces my spiritual identity as a child of God with the “I” of the mind and body in humanity. This “I” now becomes my identity independent of God.

“I” defines who I am, which is:

  • What I have
  • What I do
  • How I feel
  • What I possess
  • What I achieve

The “I” takes control under the influence of sinful human nature and becomes master and slave at the same time.

The tragedy of fallen creation is that consciousness becomes human identity. All “I” can think, feel, accomplish, imagine—whatever, whenever, and wherever—is in control and defines identity. Anything beyond the realm of mind, body, and senses where “I” cannot be in control is not real for fallen creation.

This is the eternal agenda of the Enemy—to kill personal identity, steal relationships, and destroy the dominion of God over humanity.

Fallen creation replaced God with the exclusive, sinful “I” of humanity. From a state of being that found fulfillment in and through God, working in and through our spirit, we moved to a state where “I” became the source of purpose and fulfillment in the mind and body. When God was removed, He had to be replaced. The only two options were self and Satan. Both have proven disastrous in every generation.

Self became humanity’s epicenter. While God can still be part of our language and agenda, self now reigns over Him. As long as we visit God on Sundays but let ourselves rule the other six days, as long as we worship God in church on Sundays but worship ourselves—along with our heroes in Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street—the rest of the week, these are indicators of the fallen creation. The autonomy of the mind and body is a key indicator of the fallen creation.