You’ve seen the movie where the man, lost in the desert, sets out across the dunes for the distant oasis. But each and every time he arrives, the man finds himself disappointed, gazing out at a new oasis on the horizon. Eventually, he realizes it’s only a mirage. There never was an oasis. The thing that makes us different from the man in the desert is that we never truly have that realization. Even after repeatedly coming up dry.

In middle school, we think, “If only I was in high school…” In high school, we think, “If only I was in college…” In college, we think, “If only I had a girlfriend … If only I had a great job … If only I had a house…” and the cycle goes on and on until we are either dead or left feeling extremely dehydrated. Each “If only…” is just another destination we think will satisfy us. But the goal keeps moving further up the field.

The same “mirage of life” is repeated in religion. Religion says, “Come to the church. Come to the temple. Come to the mosque … If only you can attend consistently, read consistently, give consistently, participate consistently, go to the missions field, help in the community, promote the body, invite your neighbors, lift your hands, bow your head, follow the rules…” We try. Desperately. But deep down, we know rituals never satisfy. We are simply attempting to manufacture a spiritual experience by natural means.

What the mind and body longs for—yearns for—can only be found in the supernatural. We go from church to church, denomination to denomination, religion to religion, trying every conceivable way to fill the void that can only be filled in the spirit. Crossruption takes us on the journey of experiencing spirituality as an inner constant in the midst of external variables. If there is one constant that all human beings can experience equally, it is the supernatural. There is an inner awareness that we are wired for, and the purpose of Crossruption is to enable you to live the supernatural in the natural.