Since the automobile became the norm in the world of transportation, the taxicab had a monopoly on pay-per-ride service in any city. For many decades, no other option was even considered. Not even carpooling or ridesharing caught on culturally. Enter Uber. Ordinary people turned their private cars into public cabs. A long-standing monopoly was challenged. Those in major cities who would never set foot in a cab now access the Uber app each day. The transportation industry was changed forever.

There is a constant that unites all of humanity: the choice of whether or not to believe in a supernatural being or force. Mankind experienced an inner longing that went beyond the tangibles of sight, feelings, and touch. People have long realized that success, significance, possessions, and products do not satisfy the hunger for meaning and purpose in life. They acknowledged a supernatural dimension and defined connecting belief systems and behaviors and thus religion was born.

What began as a personal search in the natural for the supernatural became behaviors, rules, and regulations to sustain groups and organizations that claimed to direct humanity to the supernatural. Religion resulted in the human barrier being created between the supernatural and the natural.