Israel asked God for a king, but human government was not part of God’s original design for humanity. When human beings lost the ability to commune with God and be governed by the supernatural law for which they were designed, lawlessness became the new dimension in which humanity found itself and became the norm. The abnormality of lawlessness became the new normal. God never intended Israel be ruled by kings, but in their fallen state, human beings desired to be ruled by other humans, so they created kings, queens, and political systems for governance.

I do not intend in any way to argue that government is bad or wrong. This system keeps the world not necessarily at peace, but in one piece. Human beings demanded this government, and God allowed it. Therefore, political systems are God-ordained, but they are subservient to His governance. We need to take note of how human political governance centers around the God theme. Experience in the present is an evidence of a historical truth.

There are five major political blocs:

  1. The Communist bloc (no God)
  2. The Hindu bloc (many gods)
  3. The Buddhist bloc (God as a force)
  4. The Islamic bloc (Allah as God)
  5. The Christian bloc (one God)

There are no political systems in the world other than these five. There are no political blocs outside the concept of God. All are equal in their political incorrectness concerning Him. The politics of Christianity is the worst of all because we choose human governance rather than God’s governance over human beings. We think a Christian president is the solution to the problems of the Western world. This illusion simply reflects our fallen nature.

Christians are called to pray for leaders and pay taxes, but if we think the answer to the nation’s troubles lies in political governance, we have bought into a major deception of the Enemy. This was the lie that built the Soviet empire, Communist China, and the Islamic State. This is also the lie afflicting my home country of India and America. When any theism is used to govern human beings, rulers engage in the greatest abuse of power. Religious ideology defining political ideology that determines human behavior has been and is the historical curse of humanity.

Political systems cannot define human behavior irrespective of any religious influence they may have. When the laws of religious politics supersede the personal relationship with God, tyranny will rule. This will be the case whether a political system is labeled conservative Christian, liberal Christian, or anything in between—even if it uses the name of Jesus.

Twenty-first-century Christians have been deceived into thinking that conservative politics is Christlike. A conservative party is a political party and not a spiritual lifestyle. Christian identity cannot and should not be derived from a political ideology. Christian identity is a constant; Christian political ideologies are variables. As time, technology, and culture progress, Christian political ideologies will also change.

The kings and prophets in the Old Testament represented people before God. In the New Testament representing the New Covenant, there is one King and one kingdom. This is not about nations, but a personal relationship between God and individuals. Just as the Israelites asked for a king so they could be like the nations around them, Western Christians are asking for a political system with Jesus as their King. God’s response is the same as it was back then—there can be no national king, only a personal King.

We should most certainly have Christians in politics, but politics can never become Christian by nature. Throughout history, people have used the name of Jesus to gain political credibility, and disaster has always resulted. There have been many Christlike politicians but no Christlike political systems. From the time of Constantine, we have seen God become a national identity and not a personal identity. The deception of a national or political Christian identity is that having affiliation to the ideology keeps us from having a relationship with the Person. Having a relationship with a Christian political ideology is not the same as having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Western Christians have been deceived into thinking that when Christians are in politics, politics is Christian. When Christians are in politics, Christianity has influence, but when politics becomes Christian, deception results. When politics becomes Christian, the law of Christian politics becomes the law of God. This failing reflects fallen creation.

This has happened in Soviet Russia, Islamic Iran, and Christian America. This is happening in Communist China and Buddhist Tibet. American Christians think the law of Christian America supersedes the law of God. No political ideology is the same as biblical Christianity. This blindness keeps people from questioning Christian political ideology and from comparing the law of God and the law of Christian politics. Conservative political ideology is not biblical Christianity.

Political systems were designed to govern the land and not to dictate spirituality. Biblically and historically, persecution has broken out when there is a contradiction between the law of God and the law of the land. There will be no persecution in America as we have seen in other religious political blocs, because the law of Christian political ideology will align itself with the desires of the culture for political gain. When this comes in the name of Christ, Christians will be deceived into following the political system, thinking it is Christian.

When Christians in America think Democratic or Republican political ideology is the same as biblical ideology, political ideology becomes truth. No one does a comparison to see if Christian political ideology is actually in line with biblical truths. When Soviet Russia outlawed Bibles, Bibles were smuggled into Russia. When the Supreme Court forbade Bibles in public schools, American Christians accepted this and changed their lifestyle to follow the law of the land. When communist China barred church gatherings, people continued to gather, were beaten, lost their jobs, and were thrown in jail. When the Supreme Court prohibited prayer in public schools, Christians stopped praying there. The law of God supersedes the law of the land in every political system except the Christian conservative political bloc.

We are spiraling downward, not because of any particular cultural issue, but because we have replaced the God of politics with the politics of God. Judgment will come because we have mistaken conservatism for Christlikeness. We have given priority to the Christian political system rather than Christ’s governance of humanity. We have adjusted the law of God to suit human laws.

Just as Muslim radicals use Allah and the Qur’an to advance their political agenda, Western politicians use Jesus and the Bible to advance their agenda. Christians never have and never will need permission to express their Christian identity. A dove never asks permission to be kind and gentle, because those traits form its identity. One of the marks of the twenty-first-century religion called Christianity is that Christians ask political and legal permission to live out their Christian identity.

Should Christians fight for religious freedom? Absolutely, yes. Should Christians fight for freedom to live out their Christian identity? Absolutely not. There is no evidence anywhere in the Bible that the children of God followed the law of the land when it contradicted the law of God or that they asked permission of the government to live out the law of God. When parents in America advise their children to take their Bible to church but not to public school, they show themselves to be followers of twenty-first-century religion called Christianity, not biblical Christianity.

Finally, consider this. How does God’s justice system work when Christians in northern India die for refusing to deny their Christian identity when it contradicts the law of the land, while Christians in America follow the law of the land and express their Christian identity only under the right circumstances? Indian Christians deny the law of the land and follow the law of God, while American Christians follow the law of the land, thinking this is not denying the law of God. Western Christians must realize that following the law of the land when it contradicts the law of God is a direct denial of His kingship. This is a symptom of Christian religion and not a sign of biblical Christianity. When our citizenship is in Heaven, we will follow the laws of God, for that is who we will become. The religion of Christianity forces a caterpillar to act like a butterfly; a relationship with Christ transforms the caterpillar into a butterfly.