The death of the spirit, the birth of sin, a sinful nature, and sinful desires led human beings to lose personal identity gained through communion with God in the spirit. A sense of helplessness that could not be relieved by the mind or body now existed.

Our changed spiritual state creates a vacuum that causes us to long for something more. No source outside God will meet our need. In this orphaned condition, fallen creation seeks any and every solution, but none satisfies in a sustainable way. 

“You are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?” (Acts 13:10) 

When humanity lost its capacity to commune with God, the Father- and-child relationship that defined the personal identity of human beings was destroyed. The intimacy, communion, and embrace between the heavenly Father and His children ended, placing humanity in a spiritual vacuum. We now have a spiritual antenna that is sweeping the cosmos for an authentic supernatural relationship. There is a constant search going on inside us all, irrespective of how much we may have already found or not found in terms of possessions and power. 

This state is like gravity, which does not need our permission to exist. When a child is conceived, the spirit is also co-conceived in the womb. The mind and the body develop there, but the spirit stays rudimentary. Here, the spirit is open to the influence of the Enemy as the child matures and becomes aware. 

None of us can escape this realm beyond the mind and body. In this confused and distorted state, we seek meaning and purpose to life beyond the tangible world. With the destruction of personal identity, even after we achieve great success, that emptiness in the spirit returns quickly with a vengeance. This eternal hangover of humanity exists because of the broken relationship between God and mankind. 

Human beings struggle inside a theistic vacuum. No other living being needs to wrestle with this spiritual dilemma. With the death of the spirit, we now attempt to find our purpose in what we do. 

My business ventures have convinced me of the greatness involved in inventions, innovations, and achievements. But we should not be fooled into thinking these earthly successes will give us what we seek internally. 

When our internal communion with God ended, the consequences were clearly visible. The way we approach God, one another, and creation has changed. As a result, what we think is natural is actually unnatural, what we have assumed to be normal is actually abnormal, and our idea of God could not actually be God!