Over many decades, the music industry made countless millionaires. People involved in this business led charmed lives. But as new technology began to take hold, free Internet file sharing started hurting the record labels. Enter Apple. You could buy the digital download of one single song without having to purchase an entire album. No inventory. Disruption had come to a long-static industry, bringing transformation along kicking and screaming. The way we purchase and access music was changed forever.

There is a constant that unites all of humanity: the understanding that the things of life provide satisfaction and happiness in life. We expect people and products to meet our needs for identity, love, and security. The more we amass, the more secure we are supposed to be. The more relationships we have, the more we are supposed to feel loved and be secure. We post our newest gadgets, latest fashion statements, and prized possessions on our social media, gaining likes and followers, shares, and retweets. Therefore, we should be the happiest and most contented generation of all.

But are we?