We human beings are unique in our power to choose. Free will is a reflection of our spirituality. Choice is a powerful human attribute, but having the power to choose is not, in and of itself, a choice. When we are born, we do not choose to have choice but are given the power to choose. If there is one present attribute of human beings that reflects the original design, it is the power of choice.

For those of us who desire absolute freedom, choice teaches us that we do not have the choice to choose. We are not free to choose choice but are slaves to it! We can never be free from choices, and we know this makes life beautiful and destructive all at once. Without choices, humans would only be extremely intelligent robots.

The human ability to make choices is unique:

    • Beyond Brain Function
    • Beyond the Rational
    • Contrary to the Logic of Reason
    • Counter to Our Instincts

Only spiritual beings have this exclusive power. A fish can never choose to live on land, but people can choose to live on the water. A lion could never choose to explore outer space, but people can. All other creatures have choices programmed into their DNA. A male lion stays a male lion because he was born into that state. But men and women even have the power to choose how they express their sexuality. A human being has the freedom of choice in response to any external stimuli. A great example of this is how a person can be in identical circumstances at two separate times and make different choices, even with the same stimuli occurring in both instances.

Human DNA explains many actions and attributes, but it does not define the human will. God desired volitional choice for humanity. Therefore, the greatest expression of love for a human being is voluntarily choosing God. Human beings were part of the group of created spiritual beings who could voluntarily choose God. Satan, along with one-third of the angels, chose to attempt to dethrone God. The faithful angels stood as a testimony against Lucifer and his cohorts. Humans were intended for the same choice. There is great beauty in voluntarily loving others. This incredible experience exists in choosing to love others for who they are and not for what they do, give or possess. Adam and Eve made the choice of going against God’s instructions, and the consequences are where we find ourselves. Today, humanity can choose against the instructions of the Enemy and reset life to the original design.

That is the true power bestowed upon us with ultimate choice.