And the Lord God commanded the man, “You are free to eat from any tree in the garden; but you must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” —Genesis 2:16–17

God, Lucifer, Adam and Eve, all who have unique identities, are the central personalities in the original story of life. Lucifer’s goal was to dethrone God. Unable to accomplish the coup and cast out of Heaven, Lucifer went after God’s creation—Adam and Eve. We’ve seen this plot in countless movies—if you can’t hit the father, hurt his kids. If you can’t overthrow the king, go after his kingdom. 

As much as we want to deny the reality of a destructive supernatural world (Satan) and the unexplainable destructive reality in mankind (sin), as much as we want to wish these away as cosmic mythology, we all know an inexplicable evil is bent on destruction within us and around us. The twenty-first-century mind finds it hard to understand or accept this cosmic war zone. Even if we are unable to comprehend the historical reality of creation, God and Satan, the reality we now face points to the stories about them in Scripture. If we could accept the reality of God, Satan and sin, not only could we make sense of the world around us, but we would also find a way out of the cosmic black hole inside us, which is an incredible way to live life. 

We can offer philosophical, scientific and psychological explanations for how the innocence of childhood is transformed into the most fearful actions of adulthood, but we all acknowledge that the reality of evil goes beyond just bad intentions. How did this good and evil streak in humanity come about? Why are we unable to consistently keep away from evil? How is it possible for people to kill in the name of religion or defend their “spiritual beliefs” through violence? Why do our best intensions and actions not release the worst of our inner emptiness? We see a systematic destruction of the original design for humanity in what happened to the perfect relationship between God, Adam and Eve. The destruction of the relationship between the Master Designer and His grandest design was the biggest blow to happen to humanity, resulting in the natural dimension (fallen world) where we now find ourselves. 

The human spirit, mind and body were distorted from their original design. The choice of listening to the Enemy completely altered who we are, what we experience, and how we behave. Separation from the original design changed our structure. Once equally spirit, mind and body, we became just mind and body within a spiritual vacuum. After operating only from our spiritual core, we now operate from the mind. Our identity was once defined in the realm of the spirit but is now defined in the realm of the mind and the body. Once spiritual beings with flesh and blood, we became flesh and blood with a rudimentary spiritual dimension. 

Understanding the change in design that the Enemy caused individually and corporately in humanity and the damage that has been done as a result, is critical to experiencing the disruption of the cross of Jesus. We are far removed from how we were supposed to live, how we should relate to one another, and how our environment was supposed to be. The good news is that all this can change and we can start the journey of experiencing the original that gives us evidence in the present for a future of perfection for which we all long.