Divine disruption starts small, is invisible, is despised, made fun of, and left for dead! It is the death of this Man that became the disruptive methodology of the supernatural influencing the natural. As much as this Man rose again, His rising is not a figment of imagination to be believed for some fatalistic future reward, but the rising again of this Man is demonstrated in the rebirth of the human spirit today.

Have you experienced this spiritual rebirth? Have you experienced a life disruption? If so, tell us about it. If you have any questions or comments fill out the form and let us know.

And who is this Man? Jesus Christ. The historical resurrection of Jesus is evidenced and experienced by the present reality of the individual being born again. Born again is not what we believe, but the disruptive act of God in rebirthing the human spirit literally so that every individual can experience an identity that we all long for as a child of God. This identity is not a label that we wear because we belong to a religion called Christianity but it is an inter-dimensional experience that we become aware of. As much as we are aware of the wind, so we become aware of the Divine. This awareness of God in man is what we long for. No disruption of technology, no human relationship, nothing in the natural can satisfy this inner longing that only the awareness of God in man can satisfy.

If we are Homo sapiens, if we are human, then we are designed to experience Divine disruption. It is not a belief or unbelief issue, but a design issue. What truly matters is this: Are you in communion, communication, and companionship with the Divine Disruptor—Jesus Christ?

As much as we experience disruption in the natural, it is time that Divine disruption becomes a part of who we are. Continue the journey to be disrupted by the Divine so you can live the supernatural life, naturally!