Eternity was the original plan for humanity. Death was a choice, not a requirement. It was an option under only one circumstance, and Adam and Eve were given the free will to choose between life and death. If God had not given human beings this free choice, they would have just been extremely intelligent robots. The study of the field of AI—artificial intelligence—is an amazing reflection of the God-particle inside all humanity. True love relationships are based on choice. God did not and will not override this function in human beings. Just as they voluntarily decided not to choose God, we would now have to voluntarily decide to choose God! 

There was the tree of life and also the tree that would give Adam and Eve the knowledge of good and evil. They were given the choice to do anything except eat from the tree. Take a moment to consider the following statements:

  • Choice exists only when there are options to choose from. 
  • There is no slavery when there is no freedom. 
  • There is no freedom if there is no slavery. 
  • If there are no rules, there is no concept of punishment. 

Absolute freedom is actually absolute slavery. If there is no freedom, slavery becomes freedom. When there is total freedom, there are no options, and no options mean slavery. Ironically, our desire for total freedom is one of the greatest evidences of our spiritual design. When humanity gains absolute freedom, allowing anyone to do anything irrespective of the consequences for the individual and the community, we will have reached the ultimate state of slavery. The personal, communal, and moral destructions taking place in the name of freedom today have placed the world in a downward spiral. 

True freedom exists when we have choices to make, and we voluntarily choose the original instead of the duplicates.