The miracles of Jesus revealed the supernatural realm to humanity and showed the capability of the supernatural invading the natural. Miracles were not and are not an end; they have no meaning or value by themselves because every religion involves supernatural display. What happens after the miracle determines the origin of the miracle. 

Does it create a relational intimacy that transforms mankind to the image and consequential lifestyle of Jesus? The New Testament is filled with accounts of miracles through which Jesus demonstrated that the spirit realm of God had the power to influence the spirit realm in humanity, resulting in a transformational experiential relationship with the Person of God. 

The good, the bad, and the ugly of life’s situations are invitations to look beyond the obvious picture in front of us. Both the beauty and destructive ability of nature are markers that direct us to also look beyond the obvious physical sight. All of life offers little clues throughout to go beyond the obvious of what anyone might see. The physical journey of life is an invitation to the spiritual journey of life. 

From the time of the Israelites’ exile to the arrival of Jesus, there were countless misperceptions about God. Religion was: 

  • Location-centric. (People went to the temple.) 
  • Racial. (People had to belong to the Jewish race.) 
  • Denominational. (People had to be Pharisees or Sadducees.) 
  • Behavior-centric. (People had to do certain things to please God.)

Jesus refocused humanity from the mind and body, from locations and denominations, from race and color to reconnecting the supernatural in human beings to the supernatural dimension of God.