guilty plea

Why do we have a sense of condemnation even in perfect situations? For humanity, guilt is a constant reality resulting in condemnation. Guilt and condemnation are present realities that evidence a historical truth. Even when everything is going well, we still feel bad. Even in so-called perfect relationships, we encounter imperfect problems.

When the Spirit-to-spirit relationship with God was broken, humanity entered a state of sin, and the consequence was condemnation. This is not a consequence of what we do, but of who we have become. Condemnation is a state-of-mankind problem, not a state-of-mind problem. We are in an ecosystem of sin, which brings condemnation. The physical setting does not influence this sense of condemnation, and we know by present experience that our best behavioral actions and our present “ideal” circumstances do not get us out of this either.

Even in a perfect situation, emptiness exists as a result of condemnation. This is the most frustrating experience for humanity. In the midst of physical and intellectual perfection, there is an imperfection we all know deep inside us. Our greatest efforts are to stay in a state of internal contentment in the midst of external contentment, which is a unique human paradox. The perfect weather, perfect company, perfect physical setting, and perfect intellectual achievement do not equal a perfect inner state of the mind. Holy places and holy actions will never deliver us from internal guilt and condemnation. 

Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them. —John 3:36

Not only are we in a state of condemnation, but our fallen identity also places us under God’s wrath. We can never truly comprehend or appreciate the cross until we understand our position and condition before God. In rebellion and under God’s wrath, we are separated from Him, experiencing the punishment this ecosystem brings. The more we try to resolve this spiritual issue in the mind and body, the further down we spiral. Born into this state of separation from God, we bear the greatest pain we can experience. Hell is separation from God. We know this and experience it daily, struggling to find peace and love, irrespective of wealth or poverty. 

From Genesis 3 to the final chapter of Revelation, the story of the Bible is about humanity’s spiritually disconnected state and the consequences of the Enemy’s work and the God of the universe calling us to get back to the original. Human beings were thrust into a dimension where they were never created to exist. Their supply line was cut off, so they chose to build their own.