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There is one journey we all embark on which does not require going from point A to point B, and that is the journey of life. This journey begins on our birthday and ends on the day we close our eyes never to open them again. Between these two points, we experience the innocence of childhood, the excitement of adolescence, the joy and disappointments of middle age and the apprehensions of the end of life. We take this journey with family, friends, and colleagues for the fortunate, or lonely, disappointed and struggling for the less fortunate.

Irrespective of which side of the spectrum of life you fall, there is an internal personal journey that we all experience. We have multiple external layers to this inner journey that we engage in every day. We try to deny this spiritual quest for meaning and purpose with all that we do, and we know that even in the midst of a crowd, we can be alone. We know that after a full meal, we can be hungry for a greater meaning to life. We seem to be born with an awareness that the next big thing is not going to satisfy this inner quest.

It is a journey that will make you question your paradigms of belief or unbelief. A journey that will challenge you to go beyond the known and the tangible. A journey that will disturb you to reach into the inner dimensions that you did not even know existed. It is a progressive journey that will peel back the layers of masks that denied your true identity. You will experience who you were always meant to be. The inner transformation that you will experience is the destination for which you always longed. You will realize that the meaning of life is not found in what we do but known in who we become!

The journey of Crossruption is about this personal journey that is invisible to the outside world which once embarked upon, is experienced in your inner world.