The brain—the human mind—is one of most incredibly-designed parts of the body. While its creativity and capacity for intelligence are unrivaled, the human mind was never designed to operate on its own. Just as the mind needed a body to express itself, the mind, needed a backend spiritual dimension with which it could relate and draw from. The mind of humanity was never originally designed to operate on its own. The mind was designed to be the connector between the Great I AM, the spirit of man and the body.

The human mind was designed to find meaning and purpose in relational communion with God, not in what it did or in what it achieved. If we do not understand and believe in a dimension beyond our minds and bodies, we will never experience true spirituality, which is what Jesus and the Cross is all about. If we keep trying to solve the problem of our spirit within the realm of our mind, we will continue to struggle with complicated theological and philosophical questions. If we try to satisfy the desires of our body while avoiding our spirit, we will repeat a vicious cycle of emotional and intellectual highs and lows.

Security of who we are (identity) is a fundamental desire that the human mind needs to satiate. This is how we were designed, and there is no escape. When the mind cognitively experiences its identity from the spirit, it does not need to derive its identity or value from intellectual, physical or external activities. This security of who we are is derived from the spirit and cognitively experienced in the mind. The result is a human being who is complete in self-esteem and self-worth.

There was a time when this design was a reality. While the mind of man and the mind of God have always acted independently, they were once in perfect harmony. Spirit-to-spirit communication was standard in the original creation. The mind was capable of recognition, comprehension, interpretation and execution. The mind of man submitted to his spirit, under the authority of the Spirit of God. Self-control was not an issue, because the mind did not control the spirit. The spirit controlled the mind.

The human spirit, mind, and body were interconnected, in perfect union with its Designer. The mind communed with God and experienced its identity as child of God. In this, there was an amazing recognition of God. Love was not emotional but cognitively spiritual. Love was not circumstantial but consistent. The spirit of man was united in a communion with the Spirit of God, experienced by the mind and expressed through the body. Faith was not needed. Adam and Eve did not just believe in God’s existence; they experienced Him in reality. This is the birth right of every man and woman and it is experienced through a process called spiritual re-birth that the cross produced in those who believe in Jesus. So belief in Jesus is the beginning of a life long journey of cognitively experiencing God in each one of us.