Not too long ago we understood shopping only as a brick-and-mortar experience. You went, you found, you bought, and you took home. Enter Amazon. You could order anything from baby wipes to books and never get out of your pajamas—a one-stop shop in the palm of your hand. Then the products showed up at your door. Retail faced disruption. The way we view purchasing products and services was changed forever.

There is a constant that unites all of humanity: the desire to be successful. Success is relative depending on where we are economically and geographically. For the Indian kid in Bangalore, success is getting the new iPhone on release day. For the inner-city kid in Chicago, success is finding the next customer to push the newest drug in town. No matter where we live or our lifestyle, we are born with the innate desire to be successful.

History has shown time and time again that success has never given meaning and purpose to life. Every day we encounter successful people doing things that are stupid, illogical, and outright meaningless. We hear story after story of addictions, mental breakdowns, and suicides of the so-called rich-and-famous.

Have you considered these contradictions of life where there seems to be a correlation between success and inner emptiness or great achievements and desperate loneliness? There seems to be great external progression and rapid internal regression of human life. As a result, we are connected and disconnected at the same time.