Is there a way to break free from the internal struggles we all face, the longing for something more lasting, a relationship that remains an inner constant in the midst of external variables? Is it possible to go beyond the routine of religion? Is it possible to have an inter-dimensional interplay between the spirit, mind, and body? Is it possible to go beyond religious rules and enter into an intimacy with a dimension that actively seeks to have a relationship with us going beyond belief, emotion, and weekly rituals? Is it possible that success or failure does not need to define us and that we can have an inner anchor that does not move in the midst of all the external changes that we face in this journey of life? The answer is a resounding yes!

As much as technology is disrupting products, services and the way we do life, the Divine desires to disrupt our lives and change who we are. Disruption in technology changes the way we live life in the physical and defines who we are by what we do and have. Religion tries to change our behavior to follow the rules of the supernatural. Divine disruption transforms the natural to become supernatural. There is a Divine disruption that changes who we are so that what we do becomes an overflow of who we become.

The Divine desires to:

  • Engage with humanity
  • Re-birth another dimension in the individual
  • Transform the individual to partake in the Divine nature
  • Experience an inter-dimensional interplay between the Spirit and the mind
  • Engage the mind to begin to think like the Divine
  • Allow the body to begin to behave like the Divine

Divine disruption transforms who we are into whom we were always meant to be. We move from doing defining our being to our being defining our doing.

I call this transformational journey Divine disruption because the Man who made this possible for humanity to experience this inter-dimensional interplay as a present reality was a historical reality. His birth was an outlier. His life was an outlier. His message was an outlier. In fact the village that He came from made Him a laughing stock for they said, “What good comes from Nazareth?” He never said or did anything of His own. He portrayed how humanity can and should live as we were wired and designed to live—the supernatural influencing the natural. His mind could listen to the voice of the Spirit as much as you can hear my voice through podcasts. His Spirit and mind were so perfectly aligned that His body was in perfect harmony with the supernatural, naturally. What He did, did not define His identity; what He did only expressed His identity. Who He was is of greater importance than what He did. All that He did was to reveal to humanity that there is another methodology to do life in the natural. All He did was to showcase humanity that mankind is fundamentally three-dimensional. He showed the world how humanity can move away from living mind-body to spirit-mind-body, the way we were always meant to live, the way we were originally designed to live.