Jacob William

Author of Crossruption

An anomaly is defined by Merriam-Webster as “something different, unusual, unexpected, not easily classified; something that deviates from what is standard and normal.” But in rare instances, an anomaly is not a something but a someone.

Within only a few minutes of being around Jacob William, one can quickly surmise he is indeed an anomaly. A brief scan of the pages of his first book, Crossruption, might lead to the assumption that he is a pastor or missionary, maybe even a professor of religion or perhaps a theologian. But the unexpected—and the deviation from the standard—begin here.

Jacob William is the President and Group CEO of a strategic global corporation excelling in the areas of IT and Business Consulting Services. Founded in 2002, Flatworld today has over 9,000 clients being serviced by 2000+ employees with locations in India, Colombia, the Philippines, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and the United States. As a serial entrepreneur, he travels the globe leveraging talent and skill to set up businesses ranging in diversity from healthcare to data science. His gift of converting newly discovered opportunities into viable commerce has propelled his company consistently ahead of the market curve even through the volatility of an ever-changing global economy.

But with a resume like this, why write a book on spirituality?

Jacob’s drive to blaze new trails has always gone beyond the business world. Reflecting his roots, his grandfather was a doctor who worked among some of India’s most impoverished areas at the beginning of the twentieth century. Being a third-generation Christian raised in his home country of India and in the land where most of the world thinks only of Hindus and Muslims, William grew up amidst a very diverse landscape of religion and spirituality.

Suffering from severe asthma as a child, Jacob struggled in school to the point that his father had to wield his friendship with the headmaster for him to pass each grade. By the time he reached high school, he had become addicted to alcohol in an effort to cope with his desperate circumstances. The failure of his health at just eighteen years old led to his being hospitalized, facing a life-or-death crossroads.

His older brother, by this time a successful engineer, came to visit him in the hospital to ask a critical question: “If you died tonight, where would you go?” Jacob knew that dying was now not just a scare tactic for his dire condition, but a grim reality if he continued down the same path. When he offered no firm answer, his brother then handed him his Bible and told him he should consider reading the words.

Time spent in soul searching and reading Scripture resulted in Jacob deciding that a life reset was indeed necessary—particularly a renewal of the faith of his father and grandfather before him. Over time, he was healed of his physical ailments, went on to university, married, and had a family, finally entering the business world.

He experienced both ends of life’s spectrum, from financial crisis to incredible success, from insignificance to importance, from the depths of hell to the heights of heaven. This is where most bios stop—complete with a fairy-tale ending. While this is certainly a part of Jacob William’s story, there was much more to come, more than he might ever imagine. Crossruption, as he came to call his new journey, takes up where this story leaves off.

Anomaly? Yes, it can indeed be a someone. … Anyone.