Design precedes action, and once action is taken based on that design, the design takes permanent form. When an architect designs a home, the builders construct it according to the architect’s plan. Then that design becomes permanently affixed.

The design of humanity in the original creation was God’s ultimate expression of Himself. God left His image in human beings so they could live in an exclusive communion of love and intimacy with Him. The spiritual dimension in human beings is part of our basic design. We can deny, ridicule or ignore this truth, but the fact remains that God and humanity have an exclusive relationship. Therefore, we are fundamentally designed for spiritual communion, communication and companionship. This has nothing to do with religion or belief. This is who we are. We must remind ourselves that there was no faith, religion or creed in the original design. God and humanity were as connected as gasoline to an engine.

Just as an automobile engine cannot operate without gasoline, we cannot operate without being reconnected to the Source. Adam and Eve experienced an inner rest that never required searching or seeking. They secured their self-worth and self-esteem though this inner constant that defined their identity. This is also who we were and who we are meant to become.

Plants have a unique capacity for expression, but there is an invisible, seamless connection between the root system and the soil. The transfer of water and nutrients from the soil to the plant through the root system sustains the plant. There is a beautiful, paradoxical dependence in the independence of plants. Likewise, the life of God through His Spirit rebirths the human spirit and powers the human mind, which drives the human body.

This is the incredible display of communion and intimacy with God that was intended in His original design, and we must reengage with it.