Whether it feels like it or not, we live in a world driven by purpose. Everyone you know is looking for it, in some way or another. And rightly so. Finding purpose is one of the most admirable pursuits we, as humans, can hope to make. The problem is that we rarely venture further than the bounds of our mind or body in order to find it. Our intellectual and physical achievements define our purpose. Unfortunately for us, our purpose and our identities are often times inextricably linked.

We are what we achieve. We are what we possess. We are what people think of us. Our identity becomes the sum total of external factors. On social media, we are perpetually experiencing everyone’s highlight reel. We see only the best moments of our friends’ and family’s lives, and we make only our very best moments available to them in return.

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When we turn the camera around, however, we realize nothing about our life is as good as the highlights. Nothing can satisfy us, and we end up depressed and lonely and sad.

So maybe we get as far as turning to religion, but it’s not long before our behaviors and achievements begin to define our spirituality, too! Going to a church, temple or mosque feels spiritual, so as long as we participate in religious activities, it doesn’t really matter who we are during the week. Our spiritual identity is secure. This is why there’s such a huge gap between who we are within the four walls of the church and who we are when we’re alone, at home or in the office…

It’s only then that we realize, purpose isn’t found; it’s known. Crossruption takes you on a journey where purpose is not a place or a program or set of possessions to acquire, but a person to know. In this person we experience humanity’s chief end. All we do and possess becomes secondary to knowing Him. We move from being purpose-driven people to person-driven people. All we do and all we have is expressed in the overflow of who we become when we are in communion with God.