We live in one of the most paradoxical times ever. While making plans to inhabit Mars, we are deserting people over the color of their skin. While interconnecting humanity through social media, we are disconnecting from each other over beliefs. We make superstars of mortal beings and trash them when they behave accordingly. We say we believe in an invisible God but are unable to see the visible human right in front of us.

How do we reconcile these contradictions?

Consider Israel’s exile from Babylon. The reason why it happened is just as important as the methodology behind it. The wrongdoings of the Babylonians weren’t the cause. Instead, it was the wrong being of the Israelites. The people of God rebelled against the one who called them. They went after the things of God rather than the Person of God. They mimicked the people around them rather than the Person among them. Rather than give God their hearts, they gave Him their money. Their public expression was contrary to their private behavior. Is this so unlike 21st-century Christianity?

The journey of Crossruption is to unlearn what we have come to know as normal and develop a relationship the bible calls us to have, so that we may experience true spirituality. The promise of the journey is to have communion and companionship with God, free of the external entrapments of emotion, location and circumstance. A life no longer defined by organizations, events or attendance records. A Person-driven life is what Christianity is all about.

In the days and weeks ahead, we’ll guide you through the four stages of the Crossruption journey, providing you with sequential content along the way…

1. Original Creation – Who am I?

What was our original design, form and function?

2. Fallen Creation – What happened to me?

How did we become who we are, and what went wrong?

3. New Creation – Who can I become now?

How do we bridge the gap between having knowledge of the spiritual and experiencing the spiritual?

4. Future Creation: Where am I going?

How is the present connected to the future and beyond?

You will find no religion here. Only a Spirit-to-spirit quest for communion with God. Jesus is the journey. And He becomes the destination. Yours and mine!