Man’s intellectual achievements are taking us beyond the known world. Our physical accomplishments have pushed the boundaries of creating artificial life with incredible intelligence. Amazing fulfillment in the mind and body is skyrocketing us to greater heights of human advancement. There is no pause or rewind button on the machine of human progress. Mankind is officially at the point of no return.

Ironically, with all the forward momentum in so many areas, there seems to be an equally progressive internal regression. The level of hate, division, and discrimination is progressing into a crescendo we are unable to control. We dismiss selfish behavior as human evolutionary designs, and in so doing keep ourselves from experiencing true freedom. This global turmoil is predominantly economical, political, and religious but restricting the cause to only these facet’s is a fallacy. What humanity has long struggled with internally and expressed externally goes far beyond good or bad economics or politics.

Irrespective of geographic location, race, culture, and religion, there exists in humanity the deep desire for love, acceptance, and self-worth. Every other need is only a subset of this fundamental longing with which we are all born. What grips humanity today is the opposite of love—that of fear and hopelessness. We all can sense the inner tug that there must be more to life than what we feel, see, touch, and achieve. There is an innate awareness we all long for beyond the tangible things of life.