When we look at nature, we never see a cow and a horse fighting over whether to worship at a mosque or temple? Turn on the TV, however, and you’ll see the greatest displays of hatred and bloodshed on the planet have to do with race and religion. How in the world can we kill one another based on what we believe? Murder over religious differences has continued throughout the centuries. The names of Yahweh, Jesus, Allah and Ram have been the greatest sources of conflict in the world.

If we were truly the result of evolution, the process of natural de-selection should have, by now, removed the stupidity that causes us to kill each other over religious motivations. Our brains should have evolved with the ability to make progressively better choices. Monkeys even have greater communal harmony than homo sapiens do. The greatest bloodbaths still occur over faith or the lack thereof. The sooner we grasp the fact that we are far more than mere flesh and blood, the easier it will be to understand who we are, why we are here, and who we can become!

The “I” of humanity was originally powered by the “I Am” of God. Human beings were able to give because they received. They experienced love and were able to love. They experienced peace and were able to be at peace with one another. God’s design was for human beings to draw all their resources from Him, so they could then share these resources with the world. Human autonomy was powered by a relationship with God. The independence of man was powered by interdependence with God.

As we close this section, take a few minutes to look inside yourself. Allow no other voices or external noise. Spend time in total silence, and you will sense an inner reality beyond the mind and body that will confirm you are far more than flesh and blood. Take time to pick up that inner cosmic signal that is always there, telling you there is something more to life. Irrespective of external variables of good and bad, there is an inner cosmic constant in all of humanity that desires to return to our original design.

We are indeed the grandest and greatest of all creations, for we have the dimension of God Himself! This was the original design by our loving Abba Father!