Music, art, nature, and sexuality are all triggers for amazing emotions in us. These incredible gifts need to be celebrated as part of our human experience that makes us who we are. Where we must be careful is in realizing that while these emotions might feel spiritual, they are not spiritual. Rock-n-roll revelations are physically exciting but they are not spirituality which is an inner constant in the midst of external variables.

There is a huge difference between emotionality and spirituality. For example, sexual and musical experiences, separately and together, can ignite strong feelings. But they are fully dependent on the right location and physical factors, being very circumstantial by nature. While the right setting, circumstances, and surroundings can bring incredible bursts of joy and emotion, they are only temporary and momentary. They are triggers of the mind and body.

Spirituality, on the other hand, does not rely upon emotion, timing, location, surroundings, or physical factors. The dimension of the Spirit supersedes and influences the dimensions of mind and body. Is there emotion in spirituality, absolutely yes, but is that emotion based on locations and circumstances, absolutely no!  True spirituality can be experienced as an on-going foundation for life in the midst of the ups and downs of emotions.

When we must have the “right” setting, songs, and surroundings to worship and experience God, we have become dependent on triggering specific emotions and hormones to “feel” spiritual. This is a sure sign of religion.