The Religion Called Christianity

Religion is a belief system in a supernatural power where the evidence is fundamentally found in its external expressions. There are common beliefs and behaviors across all religions: gather in a common place, sings songs, listen to a message, give money, participate in events and programs, and hope that when you die, you go to a place called Heaven. The greater the external expression, the greater the religious identity. The better the behavior according to the religious beliefs, the greater the religious identity.

The Religion of Christianity in the 21st Century

The 21st century version of Christianity in the western culture is to believe in Jesus with the evidence of that belief being expressions such as: going to church, singing songs, giving money, participating in church activities, and telling others about Jesus so they will come to church and repeat the same cycle! People believe in Jesus and try to behave like Jesus, hoping that after death they will be in a place called Heaven.

The question we need to ask is: are these the fundamental reasons Jesus came, suffered, died, and rose again? Did Jesus come to just duplicate what people in other religions also do?

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