“Then God said, ‘Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness…'” —Genesis 1:26

This is one of the most incredible statements in the Bible. God didn’t merely speak humanity into existence, as He did with the rest of His creation, he made us. Pay close attention to these four key statements:

•    Nothing else has the image or likeness of God.

•    Human beings are different, in that we have the image of God.

•    Human beings have a different identity, because we have a different method of creation.

•    No other creation enjoys the creation-Creator connection that we do.

When you combine the nature of God, which is Spirit, with the reflection and image of God in humanity, it is obvious that human beings were created with a spiritual dimension. If mind and body are true components, then the human spirit is an equally true component. The connection between God and humanity is the spirit inside human beings. We do not believe in the mind and body, we know they are real and we experience the effects and reality of the dimension of the physical and intellectual. It is exactly the same with the spiritual dimension. It is as real as the mind and body!

The difference between human beings and all other creation is not just physiological and physical. The game-changer in humans—the disruptor—is a different dimensional attribute. We were created with three faculties—body, mind, and spirit. We experience our identity in the spirit; we understand that identity in the mind and express it through the body.

A fish swims in water because it is a fish. A fish isn’t a fish because it swims. Swimming isn’t what identifies a fish, because not everything that swims is a fish. The identity of a fish goes beyond this primary attribute of the species. A fish is a fish because of what it is. Actions do not define identity, but they do reflect it.

Adam and Eve were more than the sum total of their intellectual ability or the incredible things they could do. The same is true of man’s spirit. When a human being dies, he or she continues to exist but with a different body and mind. The core identity of a human being is what exists after the earthly mind and body cease to exist. Though spirit, mind and body are interdependent, the spirit is unique. Mind and body can die, but the spirit never will.

So, is there objective evidence of the spirit dimension, something beyond faith? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, that is the game-changer in Christianity. For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God (Romans 8:14). But how can we be “led” if we do not know how to recognize the Person leading? The Scriptures do not tell us simply to believe in being “led by the Spirit of God” but declare that those led through an experiential reality are the children of God. Our identity as such is proven in knowing and being led by His Spirit. This is who we were, and this is who we can become once again!