So we have on one side, fear and hopelessness, and on the other, our great accomplishments and progress, all connected to this constant longing that haunts us. Regardless which side of the spectrum we are on, this inner yearning seeks for unconditional love, an inner embrace that goes beyond the physical to something tangible in the supernatural.

Early on, humanity turned to religion, realizing that the supernatural dimension could solve this inner problem. So we created belief systems with names such Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Atheism, Satanism, and countless more “isms.” Ironically, what was supposed to solve our problem is the cause for the greatest bloodbaths in human history and continues to be the motivation behind the greatest acts of terrorism today.

We have come to realize that neither prosperity nor poverty; intellectual success nor interreligious peace efforts; going to holy places nor going to holy people is solving our fundamental inner desire for unconditional love. While we all just want to live in freedom without fear, one group believes wealth, fame, and power will solve their problems, while another who has already achieved this knows all these things do not solve any problem, but only creates a new set. And the vicious cycle of insanity continues.

Religion has proven to not be a solution. Achievements do not fix the issue. Possessions and power just take us deeper into the cosmic black hole. So is there a way out? Whether we have it all or nothing, Crossruption beckons us to a journey of knowing what we are truly seeking and creating a roadmap to experience what we all long for in our innermost being.