History has shown time and time again that possessions have never given meaning and purpose to life. Suicide rates have skyrocketed. We have record numbers of depression patients. Addiction to prescription medications is an epidemic. We are the generation caught in a never-ending vicious cycle of “there must be more to life than this.” The proverbial hamster wheel is ever spinning and never-ending. The next best thing is never the one to satisfy. The next best relationship is still not the right one.

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Crossruption takes you on a journey of how these contradictions, as a reality that we all experience, no longer need to be the norm. Just like Steve Jobs challenged the status quo of the cell phone, you and I can challenge this never-ending cycle of inner emptiness. In the midst of success and failure, we can live a new life that is far more transformational than what even Apple has achieved. Disruption challenges the status quo, starts small and insignificant, but eventually displaces the established and standard norms of life. 

Crossruption challenges the status quo of living in the never-ending cycle of inner emptiness, beyond possessions, by establishing a spiritual constant and dimension beyond the variables of the mind and body. This starts small and insignificant but becomes the new norm that displaces the old lifestyle with the new. It brings new meaning to people and relationships that takes us beyond race, color, geography, religion, and language. The journey of this disrupted life becomes your journey!