The beauty of churches, temples, mosques, and all the structure and infrastructure that is created around religion elicits an emotional response in us. So when we walk into a modern-day mega-church that has colored moving lights, smoke, and music, this automatically creates an emotional response in us. But once we walk away from that religious setting and back into our day-to-day realities of life, the emotion fades away and the reality of emptiness creeps back in. While the beauty of the infrastructure and location is incredibly important and has great value, the moment we confuse emotionality for spirituality we draw back ourselves into religion.

Consider this analogy: A young man is of age and feels he is ready to get married. One young lady he is seeing constantly requires dining at the finest restaurants, attending fun events, and staying entertained at all times. The other just enjoys being with him no matter what they do or where they go. Which will he have the better marriage relationship with?

In terms of your relationship with God, which of these two are you? One is religion; the other is relationship. Emotion and spirituality obviously intertwine. But which drives which? Do you require emotion to “feel” spiritual or is your relationship with God present no matter the circumstances? Do you confuse heightened emotion for high spirituality?

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Walk the Crossruption journey where you experience true spirituality that is not validated by heights of emotion but by the depth of experiencing the divine nature of God Himself as an inner constant in the midst of emotional variables.