Are you stuck in the religious routine of going to a church, temple, or mosque and wondering why there is still an inner longing for divine intimacy? Are you stuck in the irreligious routine of not believing in the supernatural and filling that inner void with achievements of the mind and body? Today religion is the cause of the most divisive acts of terror and discrimination in humanity. History has shown time and time again that religion has never given meaning and purpose to life.

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Crossruption provides a road map on a journey to go beyond religious behaviors that only satisfy the demands of the mind and body to actually be reborn in the spirit and experience the divine nature in the natural. Just like Travis Kalanick challenged the status quo of public transportation, you and I can challenge this never-ending cycle of inner emptiness. In the midst of success and failure, we can live a new life that is far more transformational than what even Uber has achieved. Disruption challenges the status quo, starts small and insignificant, but eventually displaces the established and standard norms of life.

Crossruption challenges going through the weekly emotional ride of religion. It takes you beyond rules and regulations by establishing a spiritual dimension beyond the mind and body, that starts small and insignificant but becomes the new norm that displaces the old with the new. Crossruption enables you to live the supernatural life, naturally. The journey of this disrupted life becomes your journey!