Crossruption is an invitation to a journey of exploring personal spirituality.

It does not matter whether we are in the First World or Third World or any in-between. There are times in our lives, during the peak of success or the valleys of despair, when we breathe deep and think to ourselves, “Who am I?”, “Where did I come from?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Where am I going?”

The journey of this book is divided into five phases. The first phase, the Introduction, sets the stage and provides the context as to why this journey is critical to actually experience, who will find value in this, and why it was created. This phase of the journey is available as a free download when you sign-up.

The second phase of the journey is the Original Design. If we need to find solutions to today’s relational problems, we must do a root-cause analysis of the human design. We need to understand our formative structure, the dimensions we have, the operational methodology, and the ecosystem in which we operate. The greatest of human inventions happened when we first understood the foundational principles of how matter exists and functions. The greatest human experience is to comprehend our spirituality and to take that spirituality beyond mere belief.

The third phase of the journey is the Fallen Creation. All we need to do is look at our news feeds to know that we live in a world that is far from perfect. How could we, as human beings, the most highly evolved intellectual species to exist, kill each other based on the perceived differences of a figment of the imagination called “god”? How can political systems on Earth exist based on the singular fact of the existence or non-existence of god? Why we are the way we are is critically important to understand so that we can get where we always wanted to be.

The fourth phase of the journey is the New Creation. The historical timeline is divided based on an event—the death of Jesus Christ on a cross. Why the life, suffering, and death of Jesus? Is His resurrection a historical reality to be believed or is there a present experiential reality that actually validates the historical resurrection of Jesus? Living and experiencing the disruption of life is an incredible personal experience. Spiritual rebirth is not something to be believed but rather a fundamental right to cognitively experience the supernatural in the natural, not as a weekend emotion but as an internal constant. There is an incredible inter-dimensional interplay between the spirit, mind, and body that as humans we are wired to experience. This is where we move from a purpose-driven life to a Person-driven life.

The fifth and final phase is the Future Creation. We will not contend with our current ecosystem where we now live, forever. We do not need to upload our consciences into the cloud to find peace. The future is there to experience now, and the future is only a dimension change. There is a Utopia that we all long for in our inner being. This Utopia becomes a reality!

You can start the journey in two ways. First, sign up online. The journey of the book is going to be revealed progressively through articles, videos, and podcasts. Experience the journey at your own pace by using the map on the left side of the homepage. Second, you can pre-order the book if you want to dive deep into the journey. The combination of online resources and the physical copy of the book will ensure that you move from religion that talks about spirituality to a relationship with a Person where you experience spirituality first-hand!

The author is giving away 100% of the sales of the book to non-profits that transform human lives around the world.