Crossruption journey provides the experience of:

  1. A teaching and methodology of how to experience an inner awareness of spiritual communion between the Spirit of God and the spirit of man. This is where the Spirit testifies to our spirit that we are children of God (1 John 3:1). This is the reality of taking part in the divine nature of God—a cognitive recognition of the spiritual dimension.
  2. A teaching and methodology of how the mind of man can be transformed to the mind of Christ. All humanity longs for this experience where our minds begin to think differently, influenced by the Spirit and lining up with the Spirit—a cognitive re-alignment of the mind with the spiritual.
  3. A teaching and methodology of how the new creation nature birthed is in us due to the re-birth, recognition, and re-alignment of our spirit and mind. The reality of the spirit and the re-alignment of the mind result in the Spirit of God enabling and empowering our bodies to live life in alignment with God. Wholeness and holiness is not about what we do or do not do, but who we become as a consequence of transformation—a physical reflection of the Supernatural in the natural.
  4. A teaching and methodology of how to expression happens as we live out this inner transformation by taking part in the divine nature of God. When we experience and become love, we then love unconditionally. When we experience His peace, we then live in His peace. There is an incredible external expression of this awesome internal transformation.

The word experience used in Crossruption is not based on or dependent on location or circumstances because the experience is spiritual. The reason we have a religious experience in certain locations or in specific circumstances is because they are fundamentally emotional and not spiritual. Emotion fades when the external stimulus changes or leaves, whereas a spiritual experience is a constant.

Continue the journey to move from location and emotion based spirituality to an experience of ginosko where spirituality remains an inner constant in the midst of external variables!